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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Had to share with you my hoody im wearing today as it so snug and comfy! This is my jumper for wen im lounging around in doors or if I need to just pop to the shop. Its soooo cute!


meaw said...

Ahhhh i love it! Where did you get it!?? xxx


PerfectlyPink said...

I actually got it from sportsdirect (I know pretty random) I hardly ever go in there as im very girly and hate wearing sportswear but found this! Was very happy & it was a bargain at just £8! xxxx

meaw said...

OMG!! Im definately going to have a look in sportsdirect- £8 is such a bargain! Thank you very much for your comment & for following- im following you too!!! :-) xxx

PerfectlyPink said...

Aww thank u hun! Very sweet of u xxx

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