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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Carmine Beauty Box Product Reviews - Part 1

So as promised but a few hrs late! lol Here is my reviews so far of my Carmine Beauty Box Products.

First up is the Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream which was a trial size of 30ml. Nothing special with the packaging abit boring really as I like pretty packaging. This hand cream is 98.8% natural and has not been tested on animals which is great! I didnt like the smell of this hand cream I found it very overpowering and it smelt quite surgical to me but as it says on the tin it is super moisturising! Only a very small amount is needed otherwise it does make you hands very greasy.
Final Verdict: I wouldnt buy this product, I didnt find it very special at all! Sorry Balance Me :(

Next up is the Caudalie Pairs Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Creme, wow thats a mouthfull! 

This also was a trial size product at 10ml. The smell is very gentle which is good and the cream glides on the skin nice and easy and doesnt leave you skin greasy at all but does leave your face feeling perfectly moisturised. 
Final Verdict: I think this is on my "Must Buy" List as this is perfect for my skin (My skin type is normal)

Next is the full size 9ml Nail Repair in Natural by Trind. Another great product from the box. This made my nails feel so strong and also filled any ridges. I really noticed a mega improvement in my nails, im so happy with this product and will definately be buying once its run out!

I will be reviewing the other 2 products withing the next couple of days so dont forget to check back!

Hope I didnt ramble on too much :-) Let me know your thoughts on these products if any of you have ever used them

BBFN xxxxxxxxxxxx


Alex said...

Awesome! I didn't get this box but I'm tempted to buy the nail repair. I've just read great things about it. :)

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