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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Day!

Hey Every1, Hope ur all happy and well! 

As most of u know I was mugged at the weekend :-( Let me hear u say Ahhh? (Ahhhhhh lol) Thanks 4 that sympathy! The bruising has really started to come out now, I look awful!!

Anyways....... I popped into a Thrift shop today and grabbed some bargains!  <3 my bargains so have to show you!! 

My 1st purchase was a Jaegar 3/4 jacket in white which cost me £2!!! Yes £2 for a Jeager jacket!!!
I have customised with a black bow hair clip which I think is sooo cute! This will be part of my OOTD 2moro so check back to have a look!

Next up is my cute little colourful bucket that cost me 50p it reminded me of a paint pot so I thought.... how perfect to hold some of my nail polishes!!!!

I also popped into Boots today... as ya do! And purchased ANOTHER new polish by No7 which is the "Stay Perfect in Betty Blues 280" which I will be testing and reviewing for you guys.

Its my wonderful Mums Birthday 2moro so I thought I better make her a cake! It turned out quite nice if I must say so myself!!

Thanks 4 reading, stay stafe, BBFN xxxxxx


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