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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Terrible Sunday :(

Hey Guys! I didn't want to post this yesterday as was still in shock! Sunday evening I got mugged!! Yes a couple of nasty GIRLS decided to repeatedly punch me in my face while taking £50, my debit card & my keys along with my Juicy Couture Satchel :-(

Im in terrible shock and my face looks a mess!!  Why are there such nasty people in the world? How do these people sleep at night!! Grrrrrrr 

Please make sure you all stay safe xxxxxxx


lucylu. said...

oh my gosh that is HORRIBLE! :( i hope you heal and feel better. xx

PerfectlyPink said...

Thanks very much hun xxxxx

Andrea said...

Omg Nikki! You poor thing!! There really are some nasty people out there. I hope you feel better soon xxx

PerfectlyPink said...

Started to feel better already just want my face to look normal now!! I was going to start my youtube diary today but I look like a beaten wife! lol xxxx

laura♥ said...

eurgh, that's sick! I hope you're alright :(

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