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Monday, 7 November 2011

Hey All!!

Hiya every1, hope ur all happy and well :-)

Not long until Christmas!! I absolutely love Christmas and was even playing xmas songs yesterday!... quietly tho so know 1 thought I was too strange! lol Is anybody else out there as excited as me???

Decided to take the Boots No7 Betty Blues off as it was just 2 dark 4 me I still have some blue on my nails where it just wouldnt come off! Even tried soaking my nails in some Sally Hansen! This Varnish is definately going in the bin :-(

As most of u know my boyfriend is taking part in "Movember" and raising money for Prostate Cancer I love helping out charities or any1, so to do my bit I have registered to be a blood doner.. eeeekkkk!!! I feel really proud of myself tho. If any of you guys like the idea of helping out by just giving blood then click here!

Let me know if you give blood or are thinking about it! xxxxxx


Boscy said...

I would love to be able to give blood and have wanted to sign up on both the blood donor and bone marrow registries for years, unfortunately I do not qualify to give blood and therefore cannot be a bone marrow donor either. Very sad and frustrating especially when there is such a high need for donors.

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