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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Crafty! - Something Different!

Hey Guys, I brought a coffee table from a thrift store last year for only £5 and thought I would revamp it! 
I loved my new table!! (If you would like a tutorial of my restoration just ask) but a couple of days ago the glass got broken! So I now need ideas on another revamp :-) Let me know what you think! xxxx

Before pic!



Sarah said...

Oh wow, it looks really nice. You did a great job at revamping it.


Lexie said...

Sooo adorable!!!

PerfectlyPink said...

Thank you both!! Was nice and easy! The design thats under the glass is actually just wallpaper!!! lol xxxx

lucia said...

great job! did you actually painted on the glass as well? brava!!
baci! x

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