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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nail Polishes - Rants & Raves

Hey Guys!! So here I am going to keep you updated with all the new polishes and buy and let you know my thoughts!

So, walking around Savers the other day I noticed a very cute polish set by Madame Milly and it seemed a bargain at just £1.99, it comprised of 4 nail colours so I thought I would give it a go! Well you sure get what you pay for! The polish chipped loads before even 24hrs had gone by, and it wasnt like I was doing anything to get them chipped! Not happy, only pro I can say is that the box is cute! Will be passing these on to some1 else to try!

 17 Nail Polish in Wave

Loved this polish! The brush was nice and wide and reached the whole of my nail with one swoosh! I applied two coats and layered on 17 lasting fix polish. Its been 24hrs now and no chips! So good, so far! Below is a pic of this shade. Let me know your thoughts :-)

Rants - Madame Milly -Savers nail polish set
            - Boots No7 Stay Perfect in Betty Blues
Raves - 17 Supreme Shine Polish in Wave


Beauty Challenged said...

hey I love this colour,I also buy from savers :)

PerfectlyPink said...

I have to go into town today and am going to walk the long way round so I dont walk past Savers today.. that shop makes me poor! So many bargains but I want to buy it all!! xxx

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