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Monday, 24 October 2011


Hey Guys! or at the moment as I have no follwers... Hey Me!! lol

I have just had a wonderful weekend! It was my sons 1st birthday on Saturday so was full of balloon blowing and present opening, he got ever so spoilt!! Then on Sunday we held a family get-together to celebrate, I had put on a really big spread and am still eating it 2day!! Regretting it all already, soooo.... yes its time to start ANOTHER diet!
Have added a few pics below! Am off 2 look 4 diet ideas now and put 2gether some kind of exercise plan, hopefully what I pick will last more than a couple of days! haha
Speak soon xxxx

Oh I 4got 2 mention.... I have an interview 2moro! Trying to get back into employment part-time around my son... wish me luck :) xxxx


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