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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Diet - Day 2

Going really well so far! Stuck within my WW points once again and also did my 20minute workout, feeling really tired! Hopefully well worth it tho! Have been suffering from dry mouth today from the slimming pills which isnt a bad thing as its making me drink more water!
Have heard from a lovely lady named Adele (Adeles Review on Jimpness) that the slimming pills I am using "Jimpness" have really worked for her, so fingers crossed :-)

BBFN xxxxx


Grace said...

ooh i've never heard of Jimpness, going to check them out! Good Luck with your blog btw! xx

PerfectlyPink said...

Thank you hunni! Ive heard such good reviews on Jimpness just hoping they work for me! Let me know how u get on with them xxxx

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