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Monday, 24 October 2011

The Diet - Weight Watchers!!

Sooo I have decided im going to try doing Weight Watchers as calculating points seems more for me! Im also going to TRY and do 20mins of working out 5 days a week. Firstly im going to try Turbo Jam workout DVD (Let me know if you would like a link to this)
I have also purchased some pills that aid weightloss called Jimpness off of a friend so im going to see how they go and keep you updated!
If you would like to give these Jimpness pills a try with me check out  (This Link) You take 1 a day and it costs £14.10 inc P&P for 1 months supply

I will weigh in, measure and take some pics 2moro evening. Would usually do it in the morning but I dont want 2 shatter my confidence for my interview!!

Going 2 have a relaxing bath tonight and paint my nails! Have a new varnish, new bubble bath & new scented candle!! Will write a review about these either 2night or 2moro!

BBFN xxxxx


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